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Biden using private companies to enforce vaccine mandates is chilling

This is for me the single most disturbing part of his address.

Biden is not saying that vaccination is or should be legally compulsory. There is in fact no law in the US which says that vaccination is compulsory.

However he is trying to make it in effect compulsory by getting the Department of Labour to force private companies to make it so.

In other words, vaccination is being made in effect compulsory, but without law.

The honest thing would have been for Biden to come forward and say that vaccination should be compulsory, and to propose a law or laws to Congress and to the states to make it so. However he is afraid to do that, so he is hiding behind private companies, who he is trying to get to do the same thing for him.

It is the abdication of responsibility and accountability in what is still supposed to be a constitutional Republic.

If it also reminds you of the way the government now uses the Big Tech companies to police online content for it, so that it can avoid being held accountable for violating the First Amendment, then so it should, because it is in effect the same thing.

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The Duran: Episode 1891

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Middle East Eye brief updates -

Israeli forces have killed at least 79 Palestinians and wounded 86 more over the past 24 hours in six massacres, according to the Palestinian health ministry. This brings the Palestinian death toll in over six months to more than 34,262, with at least 77,229 wounded and an estimated 7k missing and presumed dead. More than 70% of the victims are children and women, according to health officials. In other developments:

Israel’s foreign minister thanked the US Senate for approving $13b in military aid that he said sent a “strong message” to the country’s enemies.
The Jamaican government has recognised the State of Palestine, Foreign Minister Kamina Johnson Smith announced.
Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestine woman in Hebron on Wednesday morning
The Israeli army says it carried out a series of attacks against Hezbollah in the village of Ayta ash-Shab, southern Lebanon.
Severe infections and epidemics are spreading in Gaza due to the overflow of sewage ...

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Join us tomorrow at 2:30pm UTC for a live session with Director of the Ron Paul Institute and war journalist Daniel McAdams.

September 29, 2023
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