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Each day that passes makes a conclusive Russian victory in the Donbass and beyond more certain.

As Russia bolsters her forces, and weaponry, those of Ukraine decrease. Russian forces gain ready access to rest and recuperation as troop numbers increase.

The increasingly exhausted and demoralised Ukrainian troops have an ever decreasing prospect of such respite. This situation is likely to bring them to complete breakdown as Russia unleashes the firepower of the more modern and advanced weaponry that is arriving with the newly mobilised Russian troops.

The various Ukrainian offensives are now weak when confronted by the reinforced Russian lines. A few futile efforts achieve quite miserable results before fire reigns down on the Ukrainian troops and they are forced back to their starting positions.We have now arrived at the wet, and later, freezing conditions where these pathetic Ukrainian forces will be subject to myriad forms of abject misery with death and injury all around them while they lie sodden, frozen and frost-bitten and increasingly abandoned to their fate by Kiev.

The pitiable young and old of Ukraine have been frogmarched to their deaths as cannon-fodder while the elites of the collective West urge their "president" to add more to the number in some hellhole at the front. We must feel for the majority of them as they are not the Nazis we revile, in most part they are decent men, fathers, sons, brothers, husband and uncles, who no doubt saw through the coup of 2014 for what it was. But sadly, their fate seems sealed.

Nothing will stop Russia now. Every factor favours them. Victory will be Russia's. In the Donbass and beyond.

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Moscow reacts to Washington’s secret delivery of ATACMS missiles to Kiev

The Americans will get stuck in a bloody swamp in Ukraine, Russia’s Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov has warned

The long-range ATACMS missiles that the US has supplied to Ukraine are “extremely dangerous weapons,” but they will not help Kiev turn the tide of the conflict against Moscow, Russian ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov has said.

On Wednesday, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters that back in February, US President Joe Biden had ordered the provision of Kiev with a “significant” number of ATACMS missiles for use inside Ukraine, which commenced the following month. The ATACMS, which have a range of 300km, “were transferred quietly to Ukraine in order to maintain operational security,” Pentagon spokesman Major Charlie Dietz stressed.

The delivery of long-range missiles to Kiev is “impossible to justify,” Antonov said in a post on Telegram on Thursday. The move...

September 29, 2023
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