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March 12, 2023

Sharing a reader comment:
"What we saw with the medical professions during Covid was not a sudden failure caused by the stress of the Covid pandemic, but rather a symptom of the corrupt transformation of medicine that began decades ago. Unfortunately this process accelerated during Covid and is accelerating even faster post-Covid.

The transformation of medicine from being patient centered independent practice into a profit generating racket seems to be driven by a Medical Industrial Complex consisting of the pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance industry and large non-profit academic and multi-hospital medical centers. Of course like many other essential businesses and services it has been politicians (local and national) who have carved out monopolies that allowed for corrupt politically connected businesses to transform medicine into the racket it has become.

The pharmaceutical industry drove the response to Covid by developing a profitable but unsafe and ineffective vaccine. Effective early outpatient therapies were demonized by academic journal publisher who latter had to withdraw published papers because data was fraudulent. Likewise profitable patented medications were promoted that latter proved to be as ineffective as the vaccine and even more dangerous.

In many states, regulatory agencies threatened the medical licensing of physicians who were willing to prescribe early outpatient therapies like HCQ and Ivermectin. In states where physicians were not harassed about prescribing FDA approved off label, the majority of patients chose the vaccine over offers to have HCQ or Ivermectin on hand to start treatment early for infections.

Perhaps the worst examples of government misconduct was when the FDA refused to issue an Emergency Use Authorization for a large study using hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a trial to reverse hypoxia and avoid the use of mechanical ventilators. The case studies and small controlled clinical studies demonstrated that HBOT was able to reverse Covid hypoxia and avoid mechanical ventilator use with faster recoveries and lower mortality.

Yes, many physicians lost the trust of patients, but we should not lose sight of the other factors that created the environment for such a catastrophic response to the pandemic. What is needed is outrage by citizens and demands for investigations, accountability and policy changes to slow or reverse the corruption of medicine in our nations."

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