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I watched from 2014 until the present day as western mainstream media studiously ignored the constant shelling of the civilian population of eastern Ukraine. Though utterly unconscionable and delivering the families there into a news vacuum killing chamber I believed it was a journalistic atrocity of a limited and time restricted nature with no other facet to it than the desire never to say anything that could be construed as a criticism of the Ukrainian army.

But now I am beginning to think otherwise.

The almost complete absence of this nine year continual war crime can be seen as a vital requirement in the conditioning of western populations into believing that Russia's intervention in Ukraine is entirely unprovoked.

Is it too far-fetched to seriously consider that this complete lack of reporting concerning these war crimes was part of an integrated long term plan by the western powers to undermine Russia?

If you recall, the news broadcasts did mention the rising death toll over the years 2014 to the present day, which now stands at around 15,000, the vast number of which were civilians. These broadcasters never attributed the cause of these civilian deaths however and it was left to the listener to come to his or her own conclusions. The overwhelming majority of reporting however, amounting to virtually 100%, designated that negative events of all kinds were attributable to Russia. So what was the listener to think? But wait. It was the Ukrainian forces who were shelling the villages, towns and cities in which these Russian-speaking civilians lived. The conclusion was obvious… but never stated.

Is it too conspiratorial and Machiavellian to think along these lines, that keeping western populations ignorant of crimes against humanity by the Ukrainian military and their associated militias was a cynical requirement to later push Russia into a war it had tried so hard to avoid and then say it was an unprovoked act? I wonder. The absence of the knowledge that the Ukrainian military killed so many people is rather convenient for the ideologues of the West. They can now write what they want on this blank slate. They can say Russia committed this egregious and wholly unprovoked act, making it chime with all the other ways in which Vladimir Putin and Russia has been demonised down the years.

All too convenient… no?

Just coincidence that it is so helpful? Maybe.

But then again, maybe not.

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Holy shit. Glad I sold all my Biden stock.

Poll: Biden stays or goes?

It's Friday, the weekend is coming, markets are closing. Good timing for Biden to drop out of the race. What do you think?
And add a convenient cyber meltdown today as well.

June 17, 2024
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A quick commentary on the "Piss Summit"
I might not be able to upload much more or do lives for a while

My Fellow Duranianss.

Yes, it's happened again. I have been assaulted by a vicious Malware Bot Virus or whatever 911 Socks is and this thing is bad ! 

However I wanted to give you a "peace" of my mind concerning the "Piece" or piss, as Elensky calls it, as this thing fell to pieces before it even happened.

Coincidentally on the very SAME DAY  this crap happened Saudi Arabia DROPPED the US Petrodollar as a buying currency and NO ONE absolutely NO ONE is talking about this fact anywhere !!!


Hope to see you all asap.


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September 29, 2023
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