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June 09, 2023

Dnipro Friday Morning, early, 9 May

I didn't post this yesterday as i thought should give some time. A huge day of ambulance traffic in and out of Kiev, likewise constant helicopter evacuations coming into our main hospitals.

River rising again so floodgates upstream have been opened flooding more water into the Dnipro, floodgates at the Dnipro hydroelectric dam are wide open. If anyone with a functioning brain cell believes anyone but Ukraine blew the dam, they should book a vacation to the sunny, peaceful resort at Bakhmut.

Constant flow of damaged equipment coming into town, Constant flow of fuel tankers heading out. I won't post pictures as it is a criminal offence to do so, and some are particularly gruesome, but the western media is again lying to you all. Our troops are not coming up against stiff resistance, most are not even getting to the conflict line, destroyed long before by artillery by what I saw of the equipment being pulled out. I imagine they leave total wrecks in the field, I can't see how anything I as yesterday could be repaired.

Last night another huge drone and missile barrage across Dnipro,, Zaporoshnye, Odessa and into central and western ukraine. Khmelnitsky was again hit, as was the rail junctions and ammo stockpiles at Uman. I haven't heard from our guys in Kiev yet, but I know air sirens were active as I got alerts from the caretaker at our home to tell me power was out for an hour or so.

Despite denials, Ukraine is clearly undertaking a counter-offensive, it's not huge, as I have noted all along we simply can't do that, but it is a show for the West so that at Vilnius we can again demand NATO send troops to intervene. I am sure some countries will, after all, there are already upwards of 40,000 foreign troops from NATO countries here. That is what I have been told by people I personally know in the military here, and I have seen plenty of them. In fact, yesterday after my walk there was a table of 6 full at my Cafe, far from the front, but all ex, or current military from the UK, USA and I am guessing Canada but could have been France. I sat there seething and wanting so desperately to unload my thoughts on them, but my partner ended up coming in time and suggested we leave without me saying my bit. I am never backward in coming forward and I was annoyed at myself for the rest of the day. I should have spoken up.
We should all be speaking up. It's our kids, and grand kids futures we are pissing away here.

I get tired of people asking when Ukrainians will rise up and overthrow Zelensky. When will western countries citizens rise up and overthrow their govts. They caused this war, they prolong this war, Ukrainians have nothing left to lose, Ukraine is niw finished. Western people have EVERYTHING to lose, and you will lose it.
So rather than waiting for Ukrainians who are struggling against both the western backed Kiev cabal, and Russia, stand up and speak out. If you do not, don't point the finger at Ukrainians, as your countries will soon be at war, and it will be much worse for you, as it will involve nuclear weapons.

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December 08, 2023

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In the first weeks of the Gaza-Israel war, the ICC’s prosecutor issued a statement in which he said that impeding aid to Gaza could be a crime, but was later revealed to have traveled to Israel and is being accused of stalling the courts investigation into war crimes. “If this is not a case that calls for an international tribunal, then the Rome Statute should be null and void,” says American attorney Stanley Cohen, speaking to RT.
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September 29, 2023
Locals Community Private Telegram Messaging

Locals will be sunsetting the private messaging feature throughout the Locals website. In order to keep our private messaging active we have created a private Telegram messaging group called 'The Duran Locals.'

This is a private channel open only to our Locals subscriber community. In the private Telegram group you can send a message to the group or a private message to Alex or Alexander via a direct Telegram message. 

You can access Telegram for web, desktop or mobile here:

The link for this Telegram group is below (can be viewed by community subscribers).

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