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August 22, 2023

Dnipro Tuesday evening, 22 August

Countdown minus 2 days to independence day here, everyone is on tenderhooks nervously awaiting whatever the court jester has in store. People are starting to get angry now, no one can see anyway our forces can break through, and increasingly people are talking about the need to stop this insanity. More and more stories about sons of political and economic leaders being overseas are circulating, along with the constant exposure of corrupt practices. All over Ukraine conscription centres were raided by police, hundreds of them. This is only for Western consumption though, Ukrainians know how corruption works here, and it will never be stopped.

The past few days have seen very large numbers of ambulance traffic in and out of Dnipro on Kharkiv/Donbass fronts, same fuel trucks, same munitions and resupply columns. Saw a serious looking azov regiment on a run last Friday, first in a while, heading towards the front. I detest them, passionately, they are the reason this country is being destroyed, their hatred of all things russian overrides any love for Ukraine, Poland can have them all, and good luck. But, they want to fight, so good luck to them, but leave those who don't want to alone, people have a right to live, everyone, including those in Donbas who havent known peace for over 9 years.

Looking around the world right now is depressing, and frightening to anyone with an ounce of intelligence.

Ps, I should have mentioned, summer is over, trees changing colour now, evenings noticibly cooler, to me it looks like it is going to be a long, cold winter

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Topic 1237


Not sure how many are subscribed to this young lady's channel but it is so very interesting. I have been watching for about a year and I always learn something new in her videos.

She travels China on her moped/motorbike deep into the rural areas. The scenery is breathtaking but it also dispels a lot of the silly propaganda in the west about what life is like in China. But too many in the west refuse to break free from their programming. It's very educational especially for those of us who have never been to China. Only makes me want to go even more.

post photo preview

She gave the game away. Pity average IQ in the UK has fallen so much.

June 17, 2024
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A quick commentary on the "Piss Summit"
I might not be able to upload much more or do lives for a while

My Fellow Duranianss.

Yes, it's happened again. I have been assaulted by a vicious Malware Bot Virus or whatever 911 Socks is and this thing is bad ! 

However I wanted to give you a "peace" of my mind concerning the "Piece" or piss, as Elensky calls it, as this thing fell to pieces before it even happened.

Coincidentally on the very SAME DAY  this crap happened Saudi Arabia DROPPED the US Petrodollar as a buying currency and NO ONE absolutely NO ONE is talking about this fact anywhere !!!


Hope to see you all asap.


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September 29, 2023
Locals Community Private Telegram Messaging

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This is a private channel open only to our Locals subscriber community. In the private Telegram group you can send a message to the group or a private message to Alex or Alexander via a direct Telegram message. 

You can access Telegram for web, desktop or mobile here:

The link for this Telegram group is below (can be viewed by community subscribers).

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