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ANOTHER HUGE LAWSUIT WAS WON against Meagan Wolfe & the Wisconsin Election Commission ("WEC" ).

As @PeterBernegger published last year, Meagan Wolfe had a secret PO Box in Madison WI, where she received illegal voter registration applications.  They were so as they failed to comply with mandatory state statutes. Wolfe also failed to promulgate the mandatory Chapter 227 rulemaking on this issue - showing, again and again, the absolute failure of Meagan Wolfe.

The lawsuit Braun v WEC was filed last year and the big win came today. It was Wolfe who illegally did this all, she snuck the "approval" into the election clerks' manual on Sept. 20, 2020. Upwards to 250,000 people were illegally registered before the Nov.3rd 2020 election using this junk form.

Where is the RNC?
Massive election fraud right under their noses. How are you going to remove the 250,000 @robinvos from the statewide voter list? Everyone ask Vos this question.

From Decision 👇
WEC claims, without evidentiary foundation, that the National Form was
approved by a prior election agency at some point in the past. Mr. Braun challenged WEC to
produce any evidence that WEC had approved the National Form and WEC produced no
evidence showing approval. WEC attempts feebly to rely upon the affidavit of Mr. Kevin
Kennedy, the election agency administrator for the prior two state elections agencies, but Mr.
Kennedy as the former chief administrator of elections in this state for nearly thirty-three years
can not provide any credible evidence as to where, when, or how the National Form was
approved. Certainly, Mr. Kennedy offers no evidence that WEC approved the National Form as
is required by Wis. Stat. § 6.33. WEC was not an extension of the previous state election
agencies, but a new creation by the State Legislature with a governing structure completely
difference than previous entities.
As an administrative agency created by statute, WEC has no independent authority beyond that which can be found in the Wisconsin
Statutes. See, e.g., Martinez v. Dep't of Indus., Lab. & Hum. Rels., 165 Wis. 2d 687, 697, 478
N.W.2d 582 (1992) (“We have long recognized that administrative agencies are creations of the
legislature and that they can exercise only those powers granted by the legislature.”). WEC was empowered by the State Legislature to administer Wisconsin’s election laws and then directed WEC to exercise that power by prescribing the voter registration forms which are accepted for
use in this State. WEC has failed in this most basic duty by allowing the National Form to be used in Wisconsin where WEC has never actually proscribed its use.

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December 08, 2023

The reputation of the ICC could be completely destroyed if crimes against Palestine are not thoroughly investigated, says American attorney Stanley Cohen

In the first weeks of the Gaza-Israel war, the ICC’s prosecutor issued a statement in which he said that impeding aid to Gaza could be a crime, but was later revealed to have traveled to Israel and is being accused of stalling the courts investigation into war crimes. “If this is not a case that calls for an international tribunal, then the Rome Statute should be null and void,” says American attorney Stanley Cohen, speaking to RT.
On October 29, International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor, Karim Khan, issued a warning to the Israeli government that impeding the transfer of aid into Gaza could give rise to “criminal responsibility” under the Rome Statute. However, during his speech delivered in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, Karim Khan notably placed much greater focus on the Hamas-led attack of October 7 than on anything the ...

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September 29, 2023
Locals Community Private Telegram Messaging

Locals will be sunsetting the private messaging feature throughout the Locals website. In order to keep our private messaging active we have created a private Telegram messaging group called 'The Duran Locals.'

This is a private channel open only to our Locals subscriber community. In the private Telegram group you can send a message to the group or a private message to Alex or Alexander via a direct Telegram message. 

You can access Telegram for web, desktop or mobile here:

The link for this Telegram group is below (can be viewed by community subscribers).

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